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This calendar lists all the stops for the Royal Flush blog tour, which happened throughout the month of August.

August 1st (Wed.) – A guest post on the dangers of absolute power at Randy Hunt’s Politics & Humour Blog

August 2nd (Thurs.) – A guest post about my book’s humorous origin story at All Fooked Up

August 3rd (Fri.) – A guest post about writers’ fraught relationship with deadlines at Nick’s Writing Blog

August 6th (Mon.) – An interview at A Writing Blog

August 7th (Tues.) – A guest post about my book’s humorous origin story at The Duke of Dork

August 8th (Wed.) – An excerpt in which the King’s castle is invaded at The Six-Fingered Monkey

August 9th (Thurs.) – An interview at Outlaw Mama

August 10th (Fri.) – An excerpt in which the Wisest Man Alive nervously prepares to get married at Living in Kellie’s World

August 13th (Mon.) – A guest post about a dilemma young writers face (profound lack of experience) at A ‘lil HooHaa

August 14th (Tues.) – A guest post about my book’s humorous origin story at Change the Topic

August 15th (Wed.) – A guest post about where writers get their inspiration at Nest Expressed

August 16th (Thurs.)The Ranting Monkey

August 20th (Mon.) – A guest post about writing what you know (in this case, romantic rejection) at mothers of brothers blog

August 21st (Tues.) – A guest post about the importance of editing (i.e. you should do it, or your readers will do it for you–you don’t want that) at A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye

August 22nd (Wed.) – An excerpt in which the King orders his royal fiddler to defend against invaders using only his fiddle at Old Fool’s Blog

August 24th (Fri.) – An excerpt about a bet between the King and his advisor, hinging on a game of polo, at NL Gamer

August 27th (Mon.) – A guest post about the trials and tribulations of self-publishing at The Cro’s Nest

August 28th (Tues.) – A guest post about how to crowdsource your editing at Writing Forward

August 29th (Wed.) – A review of Royal Flush from The Transformed Non-Conformist

August 30th (Thurs.) – An illustrated interview at Tri-ing to be Athletic

August 31st (Fri.) – A guest post in which I attempt to settle the question of whether there’s a formula for novel-writing at The Write Practice

September 1st (Sat.) – A guest post detailing 5 important lessons I learned from writing 3 novels at The Creative Penn

September 2nd (Sun.) – An illustrated review of Royal Flush plus an excerpt at workingdan