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Featured on the BookBaby Blog and Conversations LIVE


Over the last couples weeks I’ve received generous exposure from a few places online.

ImageOn Friday, Chris Robley, who maintains the BookBaby blog, posted a write-up of the book launch I held for Royal Flush last year. I made the launch ‘open source’, meaning anyone was welcome to contribute to or modify the event. (BookBaby is the company I used to publish the Royal Flush eBook.)

I should also mention that Susan Heim interviewed me on her blog, and it’s one of my favourite interviews to date. Underneath it you’ll find a giveaway of the Royal Flush eBook, to which there are already 58 entries(!) The giveaway is over January 31st, so get steppin’ if you want to enter!

Finally, Cyrus Webb interviewed me on his radio show/podcast Conversations LIVE. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion, which involved both my fiction writing and environmental activism, and also explored the intersection between the two.

All these generous peeps featuring me made me feel bad about posting here so rarely, and inspired me to post more. And how better to start that than to write a blog post about the people who’ve inspired me to do it!

So that’s what I’ve done.

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