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Royal Flush Blog Tour Week #4


This concludes the Royal Flush blog tour. A big thanks to all the participating blogs, and also to their readers, who read, commented, and shared the posts. I had a great time, and it certainly helped get the word out about my book!

My next big promotional effort will involve recording the first part of the book as an audiobook and giving it away for free. So stay tuned for that!

As always, buy my book!

And without further ado, here is the final line-up. I think this blend of awesome stops was a fantastic way to end the tour.

A review by Brett Minor, who initially told me he wasn’t enjoying the book. I told him to write the review anyway, and he kept reading, and ended up loving it! Hello happy ending.

An interview covering a wide range of topics, including how the main character, the King, would fare in a triathlon.

A guest post in which I attempt to settle the question of whether there’s a formula for novel-writing.

A guest post detailing 5 important lessons I learned from writing 3 novels (particularly proud of this one).

A NSFW illustrated excerpt from Royal Flush, in which the King is forced to dress in drag!

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  1. John Erickson permalink
    09/04/2012 6:46 PM

    Hmm. NSFW? I think my acronym dictionary needs an update…..

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