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10 Lesser Known Ways to Recycle and Save


Batshite’s first ever guest blogger is Brian Ferguson, who comes to us with some helpful recycling tips and resources.

Just about everyone knows they can earn money by collecting and recycling aluminum cans. Highly publicized efforts by local communities encourage people to place their glass and plastic bottles in recycling bins. Telecommunications companies offer buyback programs that recycle cell phones. Waste management companies teach about and offer recycling services. Every major corporation has some type of sustainability program. But beyond the well-known programs that can help the environment and also help you save some money, there are numerous lesser known ways to recycle. You can do your part to contribute to society and the environment by considering these 10 recycling ideas.

Plastic Cutlery

Convenient, but instead of tossing them in the garbage, keep the used ones in a box and recycle.

Spent Ink Cartridges

Many companies, including Staples, a national office supply retailer, will accept your spent ink cartridges and give you a few dollars for each one you turn in for recycling. Your old cartridges are refurbished and can be refilled with ink.

Pizza Boxes

Don’t throw away those pizza boxes, they can be recycled if they aren’t covered in grease. Just remember, no extra cheese and sauce.

Old Keys

What should you do with all those keys that sit ignored in the back of your kitchen junk drawer? While admittedly they do not take up much room, they do have some scrap metal value. Raise money for a good cause by organizing a key drive. A barrel full of the discarded door openers will earn you cash for your cause.

Phone Books

Why are you saving that 2005 phone book when you already have seven newer versions by the phone? Don’t discard it or allow it to continue gathering dust — recycle it.

Laptops, Cameras and More

All of your have some scrap value. Items no longer wanted but in good usable condition can fetch much more than those with only scrap value.

Old Books

Sell your old books or simply donate them to a local shelter or library so someone else can enjoy that great John Grisham novel.

Cash in your CDs

We’re not talking about those Certificates of Deposit that you have in your financial portfolio. CDs that allow you to listen and record music, and DVDs that allow you to watch movies on your big screen TV, are worth money. These shiny disks, that according to Back Thru the Future can take up to one million years to decompose, usually fetch about a dollar or two.

Used Sporting Goods

Stores like Play it Again Sports will gladly pay you for a set of Calloway golf clubs or a treadmill that has been turned into a convenient clothes hanger.

Wine Corks

Yes, wine corks! California wine country has a number of restaurants that have programs that recycle the corks. Bring in your corks and maybe get a free glass of wine. Corks can be sold online for crafty purposes, and are also accepted at Whole Food stores and some other recycling companies.

Bryan Ferguson has worked with several celebrity entertainment blogs and sources, making him an expert on entertainment news. He also enjoys lacrosse and recently learned how to swim.

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  1. John Erickson permalink
    08/10/2012 10:11 PM

    Or you can just forward your old electronics (the older the better – vacuum tubes are GREAT) and old books to me. It’s simple – just box ’em all up, and mail them to “The Crazy Old Chicagoan”, Fresno, Ohio USA. They WILL know it’s me, I can guarantee it! :D

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