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Naomi Klein Talks Canada’s Dirty Oil


This one’s a bit old by Internet standards (i.e. the beginning of last month), but still very much worth the watch. In it, Canadian author Naomi Klein (in appropriately gritty fashion) discusses Canada’s unapologetic pimping of its tar sands.

It mentions the Keystone XL Pipeline specifically, which of course got delayed, but it applies to any initiative to get the dirty tar sands oil–which contains significantly more carbon than regular oil–out of the ground.


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  1. 12/02/2011 10:19 AM

    We can always count on Naomi Klein for telling it like it is. Though it hurts me to hear that the tar sands undo all of the actions that we do as individuals, it’s absolutely true, and every time I think about how we are, as you put it, pimping the tar sands, I feel deeply ashamed. Do we live in the greatest country on earth when those of who care are vastly outnumbered by those of who would rather not know, and those of us who are complacent about these big issues? I think not.

    • 12/03/2011 11:09 PM

      I know. It’s sad, because respecting the environment is no longer just a moral concern–it’s extremely pragmatic. Indeed, I believe it’s an existential concern.

  2. John Erickson permalink
    12/02/2011 10:04 PM

    Unrelated thoughts, but there is some environmental hope here in the States. Chevrolet car sales are up, driven (pardon the pun) mostly by sales of the Volt. And Ford is having serious problems making enough of the V-6 twin-turbo engines for the F-150. Not exactly four-pot gas-sippers, but WAY better on mileage and emissions than the V-8s that are also available. And FIAT is re-entering the US market, led by the new 500, helping drive competition with Mini and the smaller Japanese and South Korean offerings.
    My countrymen are proving a bit more intelligent vis-a-vis their cars, than they are their political candidates on the right…

    • 12/03/2011 11:11 PM

      I’ve been hearing exciting things about electric cars! Among the highest-profile drivers is apparently Jay Leno, who I’m not otherwise a fan of but who earned much respect from me for his automotive choices.

      Someone I relate to a bit more is Mark Frauenfelder, co-editor of, who talked about driving one on the Gweek podcast. He seems to believe electric cars can be scaled up quicker than was previously expected.

      Exciting stuff!

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