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The Net CO2 Emissions of a Marijuana Habit Are Probably Zero


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So apparently the marijuana industry is extremely inefficient. The growers pay very little attention to energy use, and tend to use a lot of it since not only does pot take a lot of power to grow, but there’s also security and privacy to think about, which carry their own energy demands.

A study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory claims that smoking one blunt makes you indirectly responsible for two pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, and that pot growers account for 1% of America’s electricity consumption. In California (the nation’s cannabis capital), it’s 3%.

That’s some heavy shit, dude!

What the study doesn’t take into consideration is that pot smokers probably make up for all that CO2 emission/energy use by sitting at home and doing nothing.

To the pot smokers that read my blog: just kidding!

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  1. John Erickson permalink
    10/21/2011 7:05 PM

    You may just be a BIT closer to the truth than you realise! ;)
    So you’re saying if we legalise weed, we could cut power consumption? Count me in! :D

  2. 10/24/2011 10:31 PM

    Society’s relationship with marijuana would benefit hugely from some regulation, methinks. But then, you’re talking to a guy who thinks ALL drugs should be legalized:

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