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Keystone Protests Go International


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Bill McKibben, who initially called for the Keystone XL Pipeline Demonstrations in front of the White House, reports that the protests have now spread to other states and other countries. In Minneapolis, President Obama was greeted by a group of protesters holding a giant banner and demanding he block the pipeline (which is he legally able to do single-handedly, since the proposed pipeline would cross an international border).

Internationally, a demonstration was held outside the Canadian consulate in Egypt, and in South Africa picket lines have been established outside both the Canadian and American embassies.

Just as noteworthy is the news that on Monday actress Daryl Hannah was arrested for protesting outside the White House, along with James Hansen, America’s leading climate scientist. Hansen has said that large-scale extraction of the dirty tar sands oil would spell “game over” for our planet’s climate, and in June he wrote this:

Exploitation of tar sands would make it implausible to stabilize climate and avoid disastrous global climate impacts.

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