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An Apathetic Government


Image credit: Flickr user lifecreations

Aren’t we, the public, supposed to be the apathetic ones? Not when it comes to the environment. In Canada, the only ones who seem concerned about the enormous environmental crises that face us are the Canadian public and Canadian corporations.

As I discussed here, a 2010 poll found that 85% of Canadians think we need an economy that respects the environment.

Canadian corporations, whose customers are the Canadian public, have responded positively to this popular concern. In this video, representatives from both Canadian Tire’s and Canada Post’s green programs discuss all the admirable efforts they have undertaken to reduce their organizations’ respective footprints.

You’d think the Canadian government, being the representatives of the people, would be even more proactive. But the 2011 budget contained $222 million less for Environment Canada, and over $140 million less for combating global warming emissions and other air pollution.

This isn’t a government representing its people’s best interests. This is a government sacrificing its country’s future for spurious reasons.

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