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Radical Environmentalism for Radical Times


Below is the trailer for Just Do It, a documentary made in the UK about environmental groups who employ direct action to fight climate abuses. This includes blockading factories, attacking coal power stations and occupying trading floors.

The documentary was crowd-sourced and crowd-funded, and they’re now seeking funding to bring it to North America.

But North America is no stranger to civil disobedience. For instance, this week 2,000 Americans have pledged to risk getting arrested in order to protest the construction of the Keystone tar sands pipeline. They are demonstrating outside the White House.

Jim Hansen, a leading climatologist, has said that if the tar sands are tapped in a big way, it’s “essentially game over for the climate”.

Past causes considered worthy of breaking the law include Indian independence and the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Would you break the law to save our climate?

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