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(This is the second installment of my serialized short story, “Captor Audience”. The next installment is here. The beginning is here.)

Today is a lot like yesterday (unfortunately).

The typewriter is still here, with a new piece of paper bearing the same instructions. On the floor nearby sits my work from yesterday, but you took a red pen to it. You crossed out three sentences in which I described the room you’re holding me in.

This seems to suggest that my ‘summaries’ are going somewhere. To my parents, if I had to hazard a guess. If so, hi Mom and Dad. I’m okay.

Listen. I don’t know who you are, but you’re clearly not very smart. My parents don’t have any money. So if you’re hoping to get a ransom out of them, don’t ask for more than twenty bucks.

Unless you want something…else. You’ve obviously read my blog, because the food you’ve left me has all been organic. Maybe you’re the creepy guy who comments on every post.

I’m warning you, if you come in here and try anything, I’ll kick you right in the balls.

I hope you haven’t hurt my cat. Beefcake never did anything to you.

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  1. courtney permalink
    08/19/2011 8:54 PM

    look at this picture.

    thought you’d like to share it on the blog.

  2. 08/20/2011 12:18 PM

    It is sad. Animals sure got the shitty end of the globalization stick. More species die out every day, and some experts think the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is happening now:

    What’s even more sad, to me, is that humanity can’t survive such an event–and I am a member of humanity.

  3. John Erickson permalink
    09/17/2011 1:20 PM

    Hey, not EVERYBODY who comments on every post is creepy. I comment on EVERY post of my friends, like Frank over at AFrankAngle, and he’ll testify that I’m not…
    Ya better not ask Frank. You might not like his answer. I might not like his answer.
    But I’m not creepy. Even though that’s what a creepy guy would say…….
    (This really IS harder than it looks.)
    Just ignore me, okay? :D (That’s not easy, either, just ask Frank. Or Dragonfae. Or Mark at TheIdiotSpeaketh. Or…. well, that’s enough people guilted by association.)

    • 09/17/2011 9:17 PM

      Ha ha, I don’t think you’re creepy, John. It’s in the content, not the frequency, and you’ve got a long way to go before you qualify as creepy. Thank you for your comments. I plan to reply to them individually, but I’m at a relative’s who doesn’t have Internet tonight, so I’m limited to my smartphone on 3G (and I loathe typing on it).

      I especially enjoyed your comments on my serialized short story. Expect them to be incorporated!

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