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Is Recycling Gangster?


Yesterday I discussed systems of consumption that, if widely adopted, would significantly reduce our use of natural resources, thereby buying us time to get our shit together (environmentally speaking).

Today I’ll talk about a system that, if combined with the ones I talked about yesterday, would virtually eliminate the extraction of new resources.

It’s called recycling.

I know what you’re thinking. That is, I know what I think you’re thinking. I think youre thinking, “WTF? Dude! We already have recycling, and we’re still hurtling toward a cliff, from both an environmental and an ecological perspective. Recycling ain’t never did shit for me, son.”

Listen, homie. I’m not referring to that recycling. That recycling is whack. Furthermore, it’s for posers.

I’m talking about recycling that starts with production. Manufacturers should design products to be either completely recyclable or completely biodegradable–or a combination of the two. Many products already are, of course, but the practice isn’t mainstream yet. It needs to be.

It’s the socially responsible thing to do. And social responsibility, as everyone knows, is considerably fly.

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