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Full Steam Ahead!


In January I mentioned that I’ve been taking time off school/work to write full-time, and that my ability to continue doing so throughout the summer will be contingent on a NLAC grant, which I applied for in March.

Guess what? I got the grant!

I will celebrate with Batshite’s first emoticon:


Over the summer you can expect more posts, more excerpts and more general batshittery.

If you’re into that kind of thing.

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  1. Raven Warren permalink
    05/16/2011 1:26 PM

    You have brains in your head.
    You have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself.
    Any direction you choose.
    – Dr. Seuss

    Congratulations Scotty B!! Dr. Seuss said it best. I don’t know anybody who deserves the opportunity this grant will offer more than you. I’m looking forward to holding the published copy of that new book!! Best of wishes, hot stuff ;)

    • 05/16/2011 5:20 PM

      Thanks so much, beautiful! I love that quote. If I can produce work half as good as Dr. Seuss did I’ll consider it a great success. (High five! Very nice. Etc.)

      I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the book. And I’m also looking forward to sushi with you tonight! :D

  2. Kimberley Walsh permalink
    05/16/2011 5:00 PM

    Congrats! Thats Fantastic!

  3. Raven Warren permalink
    05/17/2011 12:22 PM

    Very nice, how much?! :) Delicious the celebratory sushi was! Thanks for sharing it with me. Happy writing :D

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