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The Résumé Bucket


A second excerpt from Taking Stock, my novel-in-progress.

All that practice writing fiction has finally paid off: I wrote my résumé this morning. I take it through Spend Easy’s sliding doors and I approach the Customer Service counter. “To whom should I give this?” I ask.

The woman behind the counter looks at me with one eyebrow cocked. She’s wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with “Spend Easy” scrawled across the front. Her nametag says “Betty.” She’s chewing gum, and the piston-like motion of her jaw is hypnotic. “Give what?”

“This.” I hold up my résumé, and it bends over until the tip of the page tickles my forearm.

“Here,” Betty says, holding out her hand.

I pass it to her, and she drops it into the garbage bucket behind her. “Thanks.”

I blink. “That was my résumé.”


“You just threw it in the garbage.”

“That’s the résumé bucket.”

“There’s a Pepsi can in there.”

“It’s also the recycling bin.”

I frown.

“Listen,” she says. “You don’t want to work here.”

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