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I’m Going to Die When I’m 34


On November 22nd, 2010, I discovered that only 2 and a half hearts are filled in my heart meter, which has 8:

I received my heart meter from Penny Arcade–the authority on such matters. I was around 23.583 years old at the time. According to the shirt I’d already lived 68.75% of my life, so if we assume I’ll continue losing hearts at the rate I’ve been going we can conclude I’m going to die when I’m 34.303.

That’s not bad I guess. I mean, world life expectancy was lower than that little more than 100 years ago. I still have 10 years left to do stuff. And it’s encouraging to know that I’ve probably beaten the Forest Temple by now.

Besides, it’s possible I could find more hearts, or maybe even extra heart containers. Maybe Ray Kurzweil has some he can give me.

Then again, it’s also possible I might lose hearts faster than I have been. I could get run over by a truck, develop diabetes, or get ambushed by a gang of Stalfos.

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