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Grow Your Own Security


Oil prices are highly volatile. The unrest in Libya has driven oil to over $100 a barrel for the first time since 2008. But the recent spike wasn’t due to any actual decrease in production–it was caused by just speculation. That’s how sensitive the market is.

With revolution fever spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, and with the size of remaining oil reserves far from certain, we can expect further fluctuations in the near future. Likely in the upward direction.

Such game-changing world events often leave us feeling powerless against a tide of rapid change. But in reality, there’s plenty we can do. Like…start a vegetable garden!

“Start a vegetable garden?” you say. “Why, that’s completely batshite! Why would I waste time planting, watering and harvesting when I can get everything I need with a quick trip to the grocery store? Don’t be daft, sir!”

Daft I may be! But the current system is only viable while goods are relatively cheap to transport. With the price of oil in flux, what do you suppose will happen to your grocery bill?

Growing your own vegetables will help you supplement your diet when food prices go up, with yummy healthy veggies from your own backyard.

As well, by growing your own food you contribute less to the use of fossil fuels for its transport to grocery stores, thereby forestalling the energy crisis. Even better: post about your gardening adventures online and encourage others to do the same!

This is the first hit Google lists for “vegetable garden.”

And this is a book by Doug Fine, a guy who got really spooked by the energy crisis and restructured his life to become self-sufficient. It’s a great read!

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  1. Raven Warren permalink
    04/05/2011 6:05 PM

    I love this. I heard a quote by Paul J. Meyer that I think suits you well: Writing crystallizes thought and thought produces action. Thanks for writing such inspired, inspirational articles!

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