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This Just In: Speech Recognition Technology Fails in Humourous Ways!


My iPhone transcribes my voice messages and then texts them to me. At least, it tries. The results are amusing:

“Hey Scott. It’s Cullen calling from Extreme Pediatric you know. Mark we haven’t no rules calling at our cash it serve going on pop bag and give you some. That’d be great. Thanks. Bye.”

“Hey it’s Kel it’s Al man it’s Jordan. Gimme a call when you get this alright or give it’s John Hill calling. So anyways I’ll talk to you later dude bye.”

“Hey Scott, this is mum. I don’t know if you can check your messages I hope you can or least call me. Do not have to call me back either highway the downtown Ontario or the crossing there was one that go through the mall. The roads are treacherous they’re full of water. So you wanna come came out roads and take your child I don’t even know if your coming over and I can’t remember what you told me. But you could touch base now I’m sure would…”

“Hi dude, I’m gonna Steff bread to get some food first cos they have a breakfast you’re not interested. So I will be up after. Ok bye”

“Hi Scott this is momma. I was just wondering if you got that back to that movie. We’re here in Jimbo but we’re going after to other place because they don’t have the movie to launch but I’m just wondering if you brought me back this car. Thanks bye.”

“___ hey God knows as you don’t have to cook supper tonight pick up your spaghetti. Some what good news or bad news is I would like to stop by and pick up french bread a little bag or a sling of salad and if you’re so inclined maybe ice cream and contie but nothing else has Ray but I makes french bread and sell it. Yes thank you. Bye bye.”

From my Dad: “Hey Kel(?) it’s Ted gimme a call when you get a chance on the cell. Thanks bye.”

From my Mom: “Hi Tara, it’s grandma. Gimme a call.”

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  1. Kimberley Walsh permalink
    03/18/2011 11:32 AM

    I had a professor that would talk into a mike while he was lecturing and have the text from the voice recognition software projected behind him. He knew that it wouldn’t actually make any sense but he enjoyed making fun of “technology that makes your life easier”.

    The horrible thing is professionals such as doctors are using this tech, I had a test results come back from the doctor that we’re transcribed using the voice recognition software. Apparently I have multi coloured smelling where this is no significant smelling near my 5th verb……. Right.

    Voice Recognition Technology = Epic Fail

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