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Why Batshite?


Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that form the basis of the ocean’s food web. They produce 50% of the world’s oxygen. 40% of the global phytoplankton population has disappeared since 1950.

Feeling short of breath?

Scientists attribute the decline to global warming. Considering China’s carbon emissions recently surpassed those produced by the US, with the EU and India not so far behind, the situation doesn’t look likely to improve. In fact it seems certain to get much worse, fast.

I chose the name ‘Batshite’ in part because it allows me to post on an eclectic range of topics. But that isn’t the only reason. The ravaged phytoplankton population is one of many interconnected threats that confront us in the twenty-first century. To survive, the solutions we need to implement–on both an individual and societal level–will be radically inconsistent with convention.

What do we call people who reject the logic of their society? Crazy. Or, if you like, batshite.

And that’s what I hope to add to the conversation about change.

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